For the techie enthusiast, having an HDMI cable at hand is very helpful especially if you have a High Definition TV, HD-DVD player or video game console. New users usually have a hard time setting things up correctly and get very disappointed with their HD TV purchase. They might really be unaware of the problem and still use the same old analog connections. Older analog style connections would not compete with these new standards which allows both audio and video signals with only a single connection. For those who are not aware of it, using this technology can give you the vibrant video and amazing audio that catches your attention at the stores.

High Definition Multimedia Interface is now compatible with many TV and DVD players as well as game consoles are equipped with this. Once you use the usual connections for these, you'd find that you're seeing a picture that is not even close to what is shown in the store. If you have a TV supporting a Full HD, you have to have the requisite connector to take full advantage of it. You can enjoy both audio and visual entertainment without the numerous connections snaking behind your TV and entertainment system using instead a single connection.

A Full HD has 1080p (1080 Progressive lines of Resolution). This is currently the top choice in the market in terms of best picture quality. Using an HDMI cable for this is very much advised; however, even if your TV is not a Full HD, some of today's DVD players and game consoles are. So it is best to prepare a 1080p certified connection for your best viewing pleasure. Using a HDMI cable category 1.3 can guarantee video transmission and lossless audio. Wires longer than 10 feet usually loose quality, and pay attention to how strained the wire is. Some don't even have a locking device and will easily wiggle loose. Check out buy used cell phones for even more savings on electronics.